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The Not-for-Profit Hospital Corporation (NFPHC), commonly known as United Medical Center (UMC), is an independent instrumentality of the government of the District of Columbia. NFPHC contracts must comply with the NFPHC Procurement Rules and other applicable District laws.


The hospital is currently soliciting proposals to Project Management Services related to the closure and shutdown of hospital operations as further described in the attached request for proposals.  The deadline to submit an intent to participate is February 19, 2024 at 5:00pm EST.

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Standard Contract Provisions

In accordance with section 4602.1 of the Not-for-Profit-Hospital Corporation (“Hospital”) Procurement Rules, approved on September 30, 2010 by the Hospital Board of Directors, the Chief Contracting Officer hereby prescribes the following Standard Contract Provisions for use with the Not-for-Profit Hospital Corporation Supplies and Services Contracts (“Standard Contract Provisions”).

Vendor Information

United Medical Center maintains the strongest commitment to compliance and integrity in all of our business dealings. Consequently, we hold vendors to high standards when we choose to partner with them.

In order to assist us in maintaining government compliance and ensure accurate vendor information, beginning Fall 2018, we will require each vendor to enroll in Provider Trust program, VendorProof. VendorProof allows vendors to enter and update all of their pertinent information through an easy-to-use portal. Once enrolled, VendorProof will perform a detailed investigation of the vendor, checking for OIG Exclusions, Medicare Fraud, IRS Issues and various other items. All vendors are required to enroll, regardless of the service the vendor provides (e.g. cleaning service, vehicle maintenance, decorating service, any healthcare service, etc.).

If you are a current vendor with UMC, you should receive an email or letter with more information and VendorProof registration instructions. If you have not yet received information from VendorProof, or are a new vendor, you can enroll today at

If you have any questions please contact the VendorProof support team at [email protected] or 844-873-7877.

VendorProof registration Information